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Terms of Use.  The law firm makes every effort to provide relevant general legal information in response to inquiries. The law firm requires a written representation agreement before an attorney-client relationship is created and before the firm represents you.  By using this form, you agree that you will not disclose any confidential information or seek to disqualify Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, P.C. and its division Hull Street Law in the event that the firm represents an adverse party. All deadlines, including notice and filing deadlines remain your responsibility until and unless the firm has entered a representation agreement with you.  Use of this form does NOT create an attorney-client relationship.  Attorneys with the law firm are licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia and are admitted to practice law in all Virginia Courts and in various federal courts including the United States Supreme Court. No act by or  communication from the law firm should be construed as evincing any intent or purpose to avail himself or itself of the privilege of conducting activities within any other State or forum or to invoke the benefits and protections of such State or forum’s laws.  By Clicking On This Form You Agree To The Terms of Use.
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